7 days a week.

Easy piercing prices:

All piercings above the waist - $40 , $60 in pairs.
All piercings below the waist - $100 each.


You must be at least 18 with a valid photo ID to get pierced or tattooed at Pop's.

This includes babies.

Unfortunately, we do not allow any exceptions to this.

To say happy birthday, if you come in on your 18th, we'll do all the piercings you want for half-price. Just tell us it's your 18th birthday when you come in.

In order to ensure complete sterility during the piercing process, we only pierce with our pre-sterilized starter jewelry.

All of our starter jewelry is nickel-free, surgical-grade 316L stainless.

Should you require titanium, please call in advance.

The price of the piercing includes all supplies, labor, and jewelry.

Due to precious metal price volatility, we do not stock jewelry for sale.

However, to purchase the best hand-crafted jewelry we've ever found, please visit www.freshtrends.com, and search by piercing and gauge. You'll find the best selection of made to order, hand-crafted gold and platinum jewelry to be found anywhere.

Buy from them, and when you're healed, bring in your new jewelry and we'll put it in for you for free.

You will find many opinions on the internet on how to heal a piercing, including wound wash, various brands of light saline sprays, saline immersions, tea tree oil, and the like. Everyone claims theirs to be the most modern and the best.

Here at Pop's, we advocate the time-tested method of strong saline that you make yourself, using a half-teaspoon of sea salt in a dixie cup of warm water, and a cotton swab. Using this solution, we recommend the gentle movement of the jewelry through your piercing as you clean with the saline-soaked cotton swab, thoroughly removing all crusty buildup from the jewelry and skin as you do until completely clean. We recommend this cleaning be done three times a day - when you wake up, at lunch, before bed. Try not to skip the lunch cleaning.

Different piercings heal at different rates. Your piercer will guide you on how long you can expect for your particular piercing to heal.

In the unlikely even that you lose a ball of the end of your jewelry, simply keep the remaining jewelry in the piercing, and call us for a fast and free replacement.

Should you have any questions about your piercing, please do not hesitate to call us. 

Piercings we do:

Ears: Lobes, rook, daith, tragus, antitragus, conch, orbital, snug, helix, forward helix, industrial, plate, gauging services

Nose: Nostril (single and double), septum, bridge

Oral: Tongue, labret, monroe, medusa, snake bites, spider bites, cyber bites, smiley

Upper Body: Belly button, nipples

Genital: VCH, HCH, triangle, Princess Diana, Christina, guiche, Jacob's Ladder, Lorem

Piercings we won't do (and recommend you don't get):

 Most surface piercings
 Transverse tongue
 Web (under tongue)
 Prince Albert
 Clitoral piercing
 Transverse lobe

If you don't see your particular piercing, please call or email and we'll tell you if we do them or not.


Lobes and double helix


Tongues and Nostrils

Lobe and Industrial

Double Nostril

Septum and Double Nosril


Helix & Lobe

Lobes and Double Helix


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